Monday, August 13, 2012

The Young Adult Book Club

My latest book, The Young Adult Book Club, will be going on sale within the week!  The books I've released up until now have all been books with supernatural elements, but I write other things too!  I actually wrote this book a few years ago, and recently revisited it and flushed out some elements to make one great story.  Here's the synopsis:

Beginning a new year of high school is always tough, but when Dustin comes out of the closet prior to his senior year, and his best friend Heather has a tough break-up, things are looking more challenging than usual. To top it off, Heather is told that her transcripts need to demonstrate more leadership abilities if she’s going to get into the colleges she’s applying to. So the two of them decide to create a new school club, one surrounding their mutual love for young adult books.

Students they never would have expected show up to the book club and they bond over the books they discuss, looking past their differences and growing closer with each meeting, where new friendships are born as well as unexpected romances. At the same time, they are exposed to books that they love and learn a little history of the medium along the way.

The Young Adult Book Club is a feel-good novel about good books and surviving high school with the help of friends. Comes complete with a recommended young adult book reading guide.

I hope you enjoy it!  Watch for it to go on sale shortly!

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