Sunday, February 10, 2013

Dead of Night Synopsis

Hunters of the Dark #4 will be in out in just over a week!  Here is the synopsis for Dead of Night:

Shanna and her fellow monster hunters travel to New Orleans to investigate the disappearance of several students from a local private school.  Of the many leads, they focus on a mansion bordering the property that is rumored to be haunted, opting to spend their nights within its decrepit walls to record any paranormal activity.

While she is excited to be included in the mission, returning so close to home drudges up memories that Krystal would rather forget, forcing her to confront the dark roots of her powers as local voodoo legends seem to come to life around her.

Betrayal is still fresh for the hunters, and as Shanna tries to cope with recent events and lose herself in the new mystery that surrounds them, she finds that she has to step up her game when things go downhill fast, and is left to make hard choices that could cost her friends their lives.

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