Saturday, May 17, 2014


A new Hunters of the Dark novel will be coming out at the end of the summer!  Until then, I am serializing a novel on Wattpad called Dreamlover!  It's free to access books on Wattpad - you just need to create an account.  Basically, you'll be getting this book chapter by chapter as I write it.  Which means you won't have to be without my writing for too long!

The description:

Claire Montgomery takes a part of her dreams out with her when she wakes up.  Usually just small things, like seashells and sand.  But that changes when she wakes up with a guy in her bed.  A gorgeous guy.  He claims to have come from her dreams, but can she possibly believe him?  What could this mean?  And how is it all connected to her missing friend?  As events spiral out of control and get downright scary, Claire clings to a man that she may have literally dreamed up, and risks her life to uncover the truth and protect the ones she loves.

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