Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Suprise Book Release!

Ahead of the release of the new Hunters of the Dark book, I have released my first middle grade novel, just in time for the holidays! 

Here's the synopsis:

"Holly Hamilton hates Christmas.

Since her parents died last year, she's been watching out for her brother in an orphanage, where they pick pockets for the unforgiving Mr. Grott, who's some sort of supervillian-in-training.  The looming holiday brings back painful memories for Holly, and her brother getting his hopes up for presents he will never receive serves to make her feel angrier than ever.

That all changes one day when circumstances (and a sleigh pulled by a gaggle of ornery reindeer) whisk the orphans to The North Pole, where they meet creatures they'd only read about in fairytales.  Thus begins Holly's adventures in Tinseltown, where she learns the logistics behind Christmas, and uncovers the secret origins of the elves, and even Santa himself."

I wrote Secret Santa last year, and poured all of my enthusiasm and love for Christmas into it.  I hope you all love it as much as I do!  And if you're a fan of Oz, you're in for a nice treat!

You can purchase the ebook now from Amazon Barnes & Noble and Smashwords.

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