Thursday, June 13, 2013

HOTD Casting Call: Samantha Cummings

Here is who I would have playing the villain Samantha Cummings in the TV show/film adaptation of Hunters of the Dark...
Runners Up to play Samantha

Kate Hudson (Almost Famous, The Skeleton Key)

Stephanie Romanov (Angel, Thirteen Days)
My Choice for Samantha

Jaime Murray (Dexter, Ringer)
Succubus Samantha Cummings isn't the typical one-dimensional villain.  While she is head of the New York branch of La Faer Noir, she has also proven herself an ally of sorts to Shanna and her friends from time to time.  She is a beautiful woman, cunning and dangerous, and in a position of power in the monster community.  Whoever plays her has to exude confidence, have almost a regal air about her, and the three actresses here can do that, as well as play the part of a delicious villain - Kate Hudson as Cassandra on Glee, Stephanie Romanov as Lilah on Angel, and Jaime Murray as not only Olivia on Ringer, but most notably, Lila on Dexter.  And while I think that any one of these women could fill the shoes of Samantha on screen, Jaime Murray has just impressed the hell out of me over the years, so I'm going to have to give this one to her.

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