Wednesday, June 5, 2013

HOTD Casting Call: Amelia

In a movie/TV show based on Hunters of the Dark, here is who I would have play the sorceress Amelia...

Runners Up to play Amelia

Karen Gillan (Dr. Who, Guardians of the Galaxy)
Ashley Rickards (Awkward, Gamer)
My Choice for Amelia

Emma Roberts (Scream 4, Nancy Drew)

The red-headed sorceress Amelia is tough and enigmatic.  The actress who plays her has to be pretty versatile, and play "mysterious" very well.  And I don't want her to look like someone playing a witch at a Renaissance Fair.  She needs to exude confidence and be convincing.  The three actresses here have the chops.  I love Awkward and I've seen Ashley Rickards in other things, like American Horror Story and know that she can play roles that aren't comedic as well, but are rather dark. And I think she'd make a good redhead.  I'm not as familiar with Karen Gillan, just the few bits I've caught of her, since I haven't really seen much Dr. Who - I just like her look and think she would be good for this sort of role.  I am more familiar with Emma Roberts, and I would have her play Amelia for her role in Scream 4 alone, but I've seen her in other things as well, and she's an amazing, multi-faceted actress.  I would be lucky to have her play Amelia.

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